Getting started

DataFlow is an internal tool builder. You can build your internal tools fast and simply in less than five minutes.

1. Create a workspace.

The workspace is a space where we store apps and projects, every team should have a workspace to separate the work. You can create a new workspace by clicking the + button at the top right of the left sidebar.

2. Create a project.

The project is where you create, design, and publish your apps.

3. Create a board and design an app.

Now we can create a board. Boards are a single page where you can lay out components. After creating the aboard, let's add a button and an input into a board.

4. Add an adapter.

Adapters are the backbone of the components. It handles events, queries and modifies component attributes at runtimes.

After creating an adapter, we can add a script that controls the UI components.

5. Connect a component to an adapter.

We can connect a UI component to an adapter to handle its events. For example, we can connect the button click event to the adapter we just created in the step above.

6. Build test and publish.

After settings up, click the Build button (the triangle button on the toolbar) and check out the result.

Click the home button on the header tab, and you will see the publish button. Click that button to publish the app.

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